SpinPro Auto Rotating Fruit and Vegetable Electric Peeler

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Product Description

  • Totally hands free peeling, rotates and peels automatically
  • Peels a potato in just under 10 seconds
  • No Contact With Blade needed so its safe and santery
  • Comes with UL approved AC adapter, touch up tool and extra blades.
  • Works with a 6V adapter (included) and can also function with 4 AA batteries (not included)


Fully Automated Peeling Perfection Without The Hassle!
Thanks to its fully automated single button design the SpinPro electric peeler is the fastest, smartest and safest way to automatically peel anything from the softest, most delicate fruit to the firmest vegetable. regardless of shape or size. and because it features our exclusive smart spin & precision peel technology its engineered for maximum peel removal with our harming the nutrients of the fruit or vegetable underneath
If You’re wasting to much of your time peeling, put the power of SpinPro to work for you.

Peels an average potato in just 10 seconds.

Uses our “SmartSpin” & “PrecisionPeel” design for fully automated Rotate & Remove peeling. Which ensures the nutrients of the fruit or vegetable underneath remain intact.

Engineered to handle fruits and vegetables of almost all shapes, textures and sizes up to 5.5″ tall.

Designed for single button hands free use from start until it automatically stops . it atomically handles the entire peeling process, and comes with a touch up tool to finish up.

Unlike conventional peelers, theirs no need to come in contact with the blade