About Us

At Appliatech we’re about designing developing and marketing small appliances and related culinary products that are big on performance, innovation and most important, value.

While our we carry a rather broad array of brands, lines & products, every item in the Appliatech portfolio was chosen because of one reason; An unprecedented ability to streamline & simplify the food-prep process

Because of this, our teams scour the globe in search of production partners with the vision and commitment needed to create brands like Gourmet Grade, ProChef, Heis & the other lines we offer.

Before any product or brand can call us “home”, it’s subject to hours, days weeks and even months of “real-world to the extreme” testing. This testing is often far more demanding than any home or even commercial environment as it meets our standards only by exceeding all others. That’s why we’ll often refine proven designs before bringing them to market…because we’re not about being “good enough” we’re about excellence.